The Perks of Being a Ravenclaw

Being an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan always comes with some of the best perks – monthly film binges and marathons, countless events at your local Barnes & Noble, and merchandise. Lots and lots of merchandise. 

But, like every other unmarred guarantee that comes with a supposed superpill or miracle drug, there is, of course, the fine print – and in the case of being a Potterhead, it’s the infamous Hogwarts House Identity Crisis. For the lot of you who may not be familiar with said Crisis, it’s the instance where you are both mentally and emotionally inclined to two houses instead of one. If you feel as if you are relentlessly brave yet soft and loyal to a fault, you may settle for the fan-created and name-mashing house known as “Huffledor” or “Gryffinpuff”. As for me, this conflict always fell between Slytherin and Ravenclaw (“Slytherclaw”), because of my bookishness and ambition, among other qualities. It wasn’t until earlier this year when I created my Pottermore account that I finally settled for one house. I took the Sorting Quiz, and officially ended up in Ravenclaw (I emphasise the word “officially” because the Sorting results are according to JK Rowling’s standards, after all). 

Just like the aforementioned Potterhead perks, there had to be some good things about being a Ravenclaw besides having an abundance of wit and intelligence. To remedy these curiosities, I compiled a list of Ravenclaw perks – some, if not, all of them being obvious to a fellow Ravenclaw.


1. You may find us in either of these places: the Hogwarts library, or our common room.

Of course, this alludes to a Ravenclaw’s inclination towards solitary, quiet activities like reading, writing, or studying in an appropriate setting. Occasional coffee/tea/food trips are included.

2. Eccentricity is the norm that binds us all.

Like fellow Ravenclaws Luna Lovegood and Sybill Trelawney, being a little “weird” is what being a Ravenclaw is all about. Wholehearted acceptance among lesser oddballs like Cho Chang is essential for housebound friendships and understanding. 

3. Admittance into the common room requires the answer to a riddle.

In order to test our iconic wit and intellect, passwords are replaced with questions such as “What gets wetter the more it dries?”, or “Take away the whole and some still remains. What is it?” This of course, could take time for some, resulting in frustration and head-knocking. 

4. Our emblem can fly.

Ever hear of a lion with wings? An airborne snake? A badger with a jetpack? Didn’t think so.

5. While the lot of us might excel in each subject, we do have our selective interests and might even hate certain classes.

This is a good thing. In fact, this goes for every high school student and college student ever. Ravenclaws, or anyone else for that matter, might be inclined to immerse themselves in subjects and topics that interest them the most, while others are approached and completed with little to no effort due to lack of interest. Math and science, I’m looking at you!

6. Our common room probably has a dart board with Lockhart’s face and we may not even know it.

We’re still utterly embarrassed that he’s a Ravenclaw. 

7. Logic does not apply to all of us.

The other houses may assume that we all approach difficulties (or anything else) without reason. Luckily, we have hearts and souls, and they don’t go to waste. 

8. Blue looks good on everyone.










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