A Study of My Official Patronus

In conjunction with the official release of the highly-anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them making its way from page to screen later this month, I’ve decided to dedicate this reflective post to my official Patronus: the magnificent sparrow.

Since birds are very heavily present within literature, including an overwhelming majority of fairy tales and fantasies, I was very happy with the result of the Patronus quiz. I was also very happy with the fact that, along with being in Ravenclaw as well as Ilvermorny’s Thunderbird, I possessed a clean record of avian tendencies on Pottermore. So in my case, the bird is the word. 


This screenshot makes it look like a golden snitch, don’t you think?


To tell you the truth, I was really hoping for one of those “rare” or “unusual” Patronuses like a thestral or leopardess. But, upon seeing this small, cutesy thing with wings, I was quite happy. And, if this little guy was the corporeal representation of my happiest thoughts, then I wanted to know what exactly the sparrow symbolized, and so the all-powerful Internet was my only option for reference at the moment. Reference.com states:

The sparrow symbolizes vigilance, joy, creativity and wisdom. Sparrows are small in size but extremely protective, especially as a clan. Sparrows are constantly busy building nests, foraging for food and protecting their young, and they serve as a reminder that busy hands and minds promote a happy and full life. In Biblical times, a lone sparrow represented deep loneliness and sorrow, as sparrows are known to travel in clans. Sparrows are small but mighty and extremely vigilant in every aspect of their lives. The tiny sparrow is a reminder that good things come in small packages, and the loudest voice is not always the most powerful.”

I conjured up a rather fast-paced montage of happy thoughts (including impulsive word associations from those choices Pottermore gives you….you know what I’m talking about) while this process rolled on, including some bittersweet ones derived from recent events. With the Patronus I was given, it made me realize that the smallest moments of bliss can resonate the most throughout one’s life, and that being soft can in fact, bring about the strongest qualities in anyone, including yourself. 

What’s your Patronus? And what does it mean to you?











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