7 Things to Remember in Times Like These


1. Your “race”, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability (or lack thereof) is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. Never deem yourself as superior or inferior because of the attributes you may or may not hold. You were born into this world as an Equal, as a human being who deserves every luxury of love and compassion. Do not (I repeat DO NOT) jeopardize these birthrights by any means necessary.

2. Look up the history of the Republican party and the sole reason why it was founded. Do it. 

3. Women: Speak up. Write. Act. Love. Fight. Peacefully. Govern yourselves and yourself alone. 

4. Men: Watch us. Carefully.

5. Millennials: Connect. Disconnect.

6. Your cowardice and fear in the midst of this election does no good whatsoever. Democracies are born because of you. Rise up and nurture them.

7. Keep writing. Keep making art. Keep fighting. Keep thinking. Keep applying. Keep living.


I believe in you.





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