Some Inspiration for Your Potential Fair Folk  Contribution(s)

As most of you may know, I launched my literary journal of the fantastic last week, Fair Folk. And, as all of you may know, the year is winding down, meaning that it’s busier than ever – Christmas and holiday preparations, panic-riddled bank accounts, a new president, etc. Maybe the journal’s launch was at the wrong time, but I honestly don’t regret it one bit. I really, really want to gather voices of the fantastical into a new web publication, whether they be writers, poets, artists, or scholars. 

And so, if you want to contribute to Fair Folk at this time or in the near future and are seeking some inspiration, I have compiled three sources of prose, imagery, and music below.


My Pinterest moodboard for Fair Folk:


Fantastical playlists and soundtracks from 8tracks to awaken your magic.



A free, downloadable version of The Fairy Tale Review‘s Blue Issue



Magic, mirth, and mayhem await you!



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