The Wolf and Two Rabbits | by Sheldon Lee Compton


Give some love to this amazing story by Sheldon Lee Compton on Fair Folk!


There was once a wolf and two rabbits. The wolf killed the rabbits.

Now let me tell you the story again.

In a place imagined by imagination there was a mountain on which grew vegetation so rich it ran like husks of dense green fur in the summer and remained browned and stubborn in the winter. On this mountain there lived two rabbits and a wolf.

The two rabbits were white save for a sandstone brown spot between their eyes. Twins were these two rabbits, and large. Each was as large as three rabbits their normal size. Neither spoke, not even in their own rabbit language. They communicated in their own special way and had since birth and too-soon abandonment. The rabbits felt safe in their size and private thoughts. They did not know they shared the smooth-ridged mountain with a wolf.

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