Fashion #TBT: Miu Miu Resort 2016 Review

The aesthetics of Parisian nightlife had prompted designer Miuccia Prada to launch her own “Miu Miu Club”, where the admission fee is merely a look to rival the night itself. There are no bouncers, no sweat-handed attempts at a clandestine bathroom coition, nor are there mob-like crowds getting lost in a distilled frenzy of dancing and drinking. Instead, the crowd is consisted of a well-dressed party of fashion mongers and sober starlets, aware of their mannerisms as a club-goer would be of the contents of their purse.

via Fashionisers

Miu Miu gorgeously purloined sights from a streetlamp-lit view of urban construction and translated it into this Resort collection. The slick, tiled runway and neon lights give these pieces an hypnotic and vibrant glow. Although this lineup was freshly-pressed back in early July 2015, each ensemble shown is definitely unfit for old news. The 70’s-inspired look which was so frequent for 2015 was obviously the intended foreground for The Miu Miu Club’s main entertainment, transforming street art into streetwear. A mish-mosh of patterning, colors, and pretty much everything else are what make this collection so memorable. Oh, and raccoon tails. Lots and lots of raccoon tails. Miuccia Prada also brought back the many iconic patterning from previous creations into her latest Resort collection, such as her swallow silhouettes and naked lady prints from 2010’s Spring RTW collection. To top off the many memories of things past (and present), The Miu Miu Club was also host to Prada’s newest addition to her fashion empire – Miu Miu Eau de Parfum.




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