“Donas de Fuera” is now in the Spring Issue of Mirror Dance  !


A little history before you read my latest publication in the spring Issue of Mirror Dance, “Donas de Fuera”:

The Donas de Fuera, or “Ladies from the outside”, were a supernatural group of women who thrived during the 16th to mid-17th centuries in Sicily, at the time when Sicily was under Spanish rule. These women were “comparable to the fairies of English folklore”, as well as possessing traits of witches (hey what a coincidence, the Salem Witch Trials were going on at this time in Massachusetts), as they would gather during certain days of the week in the woods, etc., etc.

Now, the subject of my short story is an “unnamed Italian woman” known as “The Fisherwife of Palermo”, who was put on trial for witchcraft in 1588, where she claimed to have been whisked away by the fairy-witches when she was just eight years old. In her confession, she also stated that the King and Queen of the fairy-witches promised her means to cure the sick if she denounced God and Jesus Christ, among other things.

You can read the entire legend if you just Google “donas de fuera” and read the Wiki article. But, in the meantime……read my short story!

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